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Customer Feedback

As we advised the company sustain impact, we were offered the opportunity to test their AI. We took up this offer and are grateful for the outstanding result.

We multiplied the number of inquiries without increasing our advertising budget.

Unfortunately, we cannot disclose exact sales figures for reasons of discretion. However, the increases are significant, and we have received many times more inquiries. For this reason, I sincerely thank the team for this great development.

Result: Improvement in lead quality by 63% with the same advertising budget
24% reduction in click costs
Increase conversion rate by 126%
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automated campaign optimization
Fully automated campaign optimization Artificial intelligence works like a personal campaign supervisor, optimizing your website 24/7, analyzing every click. There is no effort on your part, since the sustain impact AI takes over the complete optimization. With the same advertising budget, our clients achieve outstanding results that can range up to a doubling of conversions without paying a single euro more for advertising. How does artificial intelligence work? Our revolutionary AI works tirelessly to achieve the following goals: - Total focus on increasing sales - Increasing the quality of inquiries - Permanently optimizing your website - Reducing worthless traffic Can you expect results? - Conversion rate improvement by up to 100% - Reduction of advertising costs by up to 80% possible - Increase in the quality of inquiries by up to 70% - Increase in the shopping cart in online shops by up to 32%.
How can we benefit from artificial intelligence with our advertising measures?
The technology we use was developed in L.A. by a team of IT experts who have extensive knowledge of online ads and artificial intelligence. The aim of the artificial intelligence is to analyse the target groups, to increase clicks with high purchasing power, to deactivate unprofitable clicks and to achieve conversion optimization through a special A/B testing methodology. The AI works as a constant optimizer of the campaign and thus excellently complements the services of agencies.
Why does this technology work?
The artificial intelligence is based on proven A/B testing combined with a new method that creates data clusters. The AI learns which traffic is profitable for your company and focuses the campaigns on this traffic. At the same time, the website is optimized. Every test so far has seen an improvement in conversion. The values vary between 20-100%.
Why does the AI need 1-3 months to work effectively?
The AI needs data to function. The data is collected as soon as the script has been installed. Optimization with every click, but certain amounts of traffic are necessary to gain data for evaluation. After 1-3 months, the AI has evaluated all data and made optimizations and the positive results are maintained in the long term.
How can we use your AI?
There is currently a waiting list for on boarding new customers. You are welcome to carry out a free analysis of your website to see what potential there is. If you have a monthly ad spend of more than 10k EUR, it makes sense to use our AI.
How does artificial intelligence work?
Our revolutionary AI works tirelessly to:
- Total focus on increasing sales
- Increasing the quality of requests
- Permanent optimization of your website
- Reduction of worthless traffic with results you can count on
- Conversion rate improvement by up to 100%
- Reduction of advertising costs by up to 80%
- Increase in request quality by up to 70%
- Increase of the shopping cart in online shops by up to 32%
Can you count on our results?
Our revolutionary AI works tirelessly on the following goals:
Complete focus on increasing sales, increasing the quality of inquiries, permanent optimization of your website, reducing worthless traffic
Our team
We have a team of outstanding experts in the fields of artificial intelligence and ad management with outstanding references:
  • Kiryl
    Chief Digital Transformation Officer
  • Elena
    Client Relations (DE, EN, ES)
  • Kseniya Sidarchuk
    Business Development Manager
  • Peter
    Client Relations (DE, EN)
  • Alisa
  • Ana
  • Dmitri
  • Eugen
    AI Developer
  • John
    AI Developer
  • Jonathan
    AI Developer / Engineering Manager
  • Katarzyna
  • Marc
    Frontend Developer
  • Marcus
    UX Designer
  • Verena
    AI Developer
  • Viktoriya
    Product Manager
  • Yeva
    Software Architect
  • Ksenyia Sidarchuk
    Business Development Manager


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